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Last week I was helping a friend to look for a present online, she wanted to “buy a star” and we were discussing how silly it is, how everybody did it in the ‘90s and if it’s still a good idea….We have opted for something else, but this gave me an idea.

I’ve found a site that allows to buy a star…

Whether we ever become canon or not… WE HAVE A FREAKING STAR! That is just priceless. CS and OQ can’t claim the same and should they decide to copy and get a star too well then they just look like attention seekers. Hahahahaha. This is almost genius in a totally geeky way.

http://every-heart-has-thorns.tumblr.com/post/98914001028/mathildia-sweaters-are-too-cute-seems-i-picked →


Sweaters are too cute. Seems I picked the best time to start shipping Swan Queen.

Obv, I am still going to follow all the CS blogs, because I cannot get enough pretty gifs of Hook. But Swen are so cute with the *magic* and the *coparenting* and the two actresses ridic…

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